Thank you for your service, patriots, and welcome to Devil Dog Marketplace, Your Tactical Toolbelt for Digital Solutions.

Being present online entails more than just designing a website and waiting for customers to come to you. The key to success is effective presentation. And while you may not give your company logo much thought, it is often the first impression and starting point for solidifying your brand.

As a freelance creative, I have all the necessary tools and skills to handle your corporate identity design needs.

My name is Michel Fieger, and I am a professional visualist. Moreover, I am a results-oriented and highly self-motivated individual with over 15-years of experience and an eye for design and development. I am a digital freelancer for you.

As a freelancer, I'll put my years of experience working in the field of graphic design to good use, producing a visual identity for your organization that is aesthetically stimulating and easy to recognize. You will become associated with that logo in a short amount of time, and new clients will undoubtedly be drawn to your business.

As the owner of Devil Dog Marketplace and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, my goal is to make it affordable and simple for both veterans and non-veterans to gain access to USA quality and amazing customer service marketing solutions.

My mission is to give your business the professional image it deserves at a fair price without sacrificing quality.

The Devil Dog digital marketing strategy allows business owners to grow revenue exponentially while attracting more clients online, for no cost. It’s simple, by paying attention to clients' needs, Devil Dog Marketplace translates their ideas and concepts into strong designs that work.

What are the advantages of having a good design?

Your company's logo or website design is the first thing customers see. A beautiful design on a web page or business card conveys professionalism and will get your company noticed. Likewise, a smart design can increase your firm's revenue, rejuvenate your organization, and help your company get off the ground at a low cost.

So, let's get together.

Devil Dog Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for starting and operating a business. We will accomplish your mission with Military Precision.


โ—† Graphic designer.

โ—† Full-service freelancer

โ—† Digital marketing services company

โ—† SEO internet marketing services

โ—† Digital services company

โ—† Social media marketing

โ—† Full-service marketing agency

โ—† Content writing

โ—† Affordable Website design

I provide myself in helping with:

โ—† I am proud to support veteran-owned businesses that call the USA their home.

โ—† I am an affordable freelancer for hire to help veteran’s start-ups and existing businesses grow.

โ—† One-on-one session to help create discuss your ideas and concepts for success.

As a Veteran owned business, my principal is making it affordable and accessible for veterans and non-veterans to have access to the USA quality marketing solutions to make your business an instant success.

โ—† My goal is to avoid the issues clients have with freelancers.

โ—† Not having the ability to meet on Zoom or other virtual face-to-face tools.

โ—† Poor understanding of the English language.

โ—† Deadlines are often missed with excuses.

โ—† A lack of communication from the freelancer’s side.

โ—† Do not take pride in the quality of work produced.

โ—† Time zones are a real issue with the availability to solve problems.

โ—† Unable to verify the freelancer skills and properly speak to their happy clients.

โ—† There are many times, the freelancer doesn’t understand the work fully and starts working, and only after the first mockup, Clients figure out that the skills are not good enough.

โ—† No recourse and legal issues, the freelancer can use/sell the work to someone else for a profit.

โ—† No work/reporting state standards

โ—† Lack of Professionalism

โ—† The Freelancer may be working as part-time meaning not fully committed to the work.


Do you have any questions?

Please contact me:

โ—†Michael Fiegerโ—†

Head of the Devil Dog Marketplace.

(561) 713-9079 | [email protected]

Address: West Palm Beach, Florida 33411


Your Tactical Toolbelt for Digital Solutions

So, remember Devil Dog Marketplace We Accomplish your mission with Military Precision


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