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We offer business solutions for entrepreneurs, contractors, startups, small businesses,
e-commerce companies, tech firms and many more.

Cyber & Commercial Risk Management Experts
 We are a team of cyber insurance experts who take pride in offering commercial insurance, general liability insurance, small business owners insurance, professional liability insurance, as well as insurance for cyber security & data breach insurance quotes from A-rated insurance carriers and cyber insurance companies.

We have a combined 30 years of insurance and technology expertise to bring you the best coverage for you to mitigate your risk in the best way possible. We help fast growing companies protect against liability, cyber crime, data breaches & professional risks thru our robust technology insurance solutions.

Emerging businesses and entrepreneurs have different needs than long standing firms and they require a risk management plan that is scalable as a new entity grows. Various types of business insurance are required by law, while others are recommended for your particular industry. Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Startups are just as much into facing unknown risks as small businesses & industry experts.

Our team of insurance specialists work smart to find the right insurance coverage for your startup that fits your specific needs as you focus on your business growth. Commercial business insurance coverage's that a business should consider:
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • D&O - Directors & Officers Liability Insurance 
  • Employment Practices Liability 
  • General & Artisan Contractors
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Lawyers Insurance 
  • Media Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Real Estate Agents 
  • Tech / Errors & Omissions
    Every business that uses technology to do business, collects sensitive data or processes payment/financial transaction is exposed to cyber extortion and data breach.  Phishing, Wire Transfer Fraud, ransomware, data breach are common cyber-attacks and cyber-crime.  Typical general liability policy or your professional liability will not cover cyber related incident and business/digital asset losses!  You will need cyber security insurance to cover cyber-attack, notification costs, forensic costs along with 3rd party liability costs! Protect Your Business...Secure Your Future!
 Immediate Multiple Cyber Quotes with Cyber Risk Report. Cyber Security is our top priority! It is very imperative to have comprehensive cyber coverage. Data breach and cyber-attack are not only a peril to enterprises but also a great deal of risk for small to medium businesses, as well. We have put together cyber quote system where we offer immediate pricing and coverage comparison from multiple carriers for your cyber insurance. We realize that cyber liability insurance is a necessity for all sizes of companies and provide various payment options including monthly and quarterly payment options.

We also understand that on-going focus to any company's cyber security posture is mandatory. Cyber coverage's we offer go beyond and become your risk management partner & provide robust cyber security tools including automated alerts, threat intelligence, expert guidance and recommendations, bench-marking, and ongoing monitoring to all of policyholders at no additional cost to the insureds. 

Protect Your Business...Secure Your Future! Comprehensive cyber policy will safeguard from financial ruin in facing cyber-attack! Cyber Coverage's include: Cyber-crime Cyber Incident Response Forensic Costs Notification Costs (Industry/Regulatory) ID/Theft/Credit Monitoring services  Digital Asset & Data Restoration Expenses Reputational Harm  Privacy & Website Media Liability PCI and Regulatory Fines & Penalties 3rd Party Defense & Settlement Costs  System/Business Interruption Costs.

When you add a cyber insurance coverage policy to your business portfolio, you are ultimately getting access to technical resources in case the worst happens. A good cyber security insurance policy has best practices in place, protocols to follow and reacts immediately to a cyber or data breach event, providing instant access to IT security experts, forensic investigators, lawyers and crisis communications specialists who will help you manage the situation and get back online as quickly as possible.


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What's Included

  • Cyber Incident Response Costs
  • Forensic Expenses
  • Digital Asset Loss
  • Business Interruption
  • Notification Costs
  • Privacy Liability
  • Regulatory/Industry Fines & Penalties