How to have a SUCESSFUL Website -Are You looking for a web developer

Getting Started  The Basics

1 Getting a Domain Name
2 Web Hosting
3 Should you build it yourself or hire a professional

Planning Your Website
Marketing Strategy  Define your web marketing strategy Your site must target your market

 Budget Planning  What is your budget to build host and maintain the site 
 NeedsFunctionality  What do you want your site to do
 Design  Get a professional look that targets your market and make it easy to read and navigate
 Content  Create relevant vital content that is keyword laden

Set a SMART goal
 Specific  is the goal stated clearly
 Measurable  set up a monitoring system  to measure progress
 Achievable  is the goal realistic
 Relevant  Does the goal fit in with your wider goals
 Timebound  Does the goal have a deadline

Who does your website's goal target?
 Profile your market as accurately as possible  this is important in deciding the tone content and style of the website
 Ensure the goal of your website complements your markets objectives  you may need to reassess your goal 
 It's NOT about YOU  Build your website for your market, not yourself 
 Your target market is a CRITICAL consideration in designing your website

Competitive Positioning
  How you are different from your competition and the factors that will make you a success Your USP Your Unique Selling Position
  Have you performed a competitive analysis
  How is your company or your web presence different from your competition

What does it cost for a professional to build my site  
  It's sort of like buying a car  are you looking for a Ford Focus  Or a BMW 750i  Or something in between
  How much of your advertising  can you a lot for your web development and maintenance

What costs should I expect?
 Registering a Domain Names 
 Web Hosting 
 Web developer  Will you hire a designer to create your site If so they will need to know what your budget is so they can work within that  
 Software  If you plan on creating your own site budget for software lessons and lots of time

Other Costs to consider
 Copywriting  Will, you create the content text verbiage for the site or hire a professional copywriter Most web developers expect the client to provide the content
 Photography  Will, you need to hire a photographer for product or staff photos
 Advice  You will need to consult your CPA regarding sales tax if you plan on having an eCommerce site  You may also need to consult an attorney regarding a privacy statement trademarks etc
 Support from your Web DesignerDeveloper

How to have a SUCCESSFUL Website

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