Veterans Donation

Action Zone, Inc. (AZI) is a 501(c)(3) corporation created to provide education and training in entrepreneurship and business development skills to active duty military service members, Reservists, National Guard, Veterans, spouses and dependents, and the civilian business partners with whom they collaborate to develop, launch and/or grow a business. Our mission is to: · provide a startup and co-working space from which active and former military personnel may explore entrepreneurship as an alternative to conventional employment; · strengthen entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge through structured educational curriculums and skill development workshops to assist in Veteran-owned business development; and, · attract and connect active and former military personnel in the regional service area to provide educational, professional, and personal support. Action Zone’s core values influence and reflect every objective and operation and include a pledge to act always with intention and integrity; a dedication of service to others; and, a commitment to innovation and excellence in all we do. 2023-02-03 daily 0.8 2023-02-03 monthly 0.5