Create Your Tailored Marketing Plan

Full marketing strategy and plan including "what" and "how" you need to do to achieve your goals.

About This Service

I will create a tailored market plan to help your nonprofit stand out and achieve its goals. With a focus on thorough analysis and strategic planning, this project is designed to provide you with a clear roadmap for success.What's Included:

  • Analysis of 3 Competitors: Gain valuable insights into your competitive landscape to identify opportunities and differentiate your nonprofit.
  • Action Plan: A detailed action plan outlining specific steps to achieve your marketing and outreach objectives.
  • Target Audience and Buyer Persona: Identify and understand your target audience and create detailed buyer personas to guide your marketing efforts.
  • Goals and KPIs: Establish clear, measurable goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the success of your marketing initiatives.
  • Budget Allocation: Strategic allocation of your marketing budget to maximize impact and ROI.
  • Channels & Tools: Recommendations for the most effective marketing channels and tools to reach and engage your audience.
  • SWOT Analysis and Strategic Positioning: A comprehensive SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, along with strategic positioning recommendations.

Why Choose Me: Cost $695

Send me your competitors quote and I will beat it

  • Extensive experience in creating market plans for nonprofit organizations.
  • A collaborative approach to ensure the plan aligns with your organization's mission and values.
  • Commitment to delivering high-quality, actionable strategies tailored to your specific needs.

By investing in this project, you'll gain a roadmap to elevate your nonprofit's visibility, engagement, and ultimately, its impact. 

Let's work together to make a difference!I look forward to helping your nonprofit organization thrive. Contact me today to get started!

Comprehensive Marketing strategy plan + Competitors Analysis


Do you need a highly profitable Marketing Strategy plan to grow your business? Do you want to boost your business's growth and stay ahead of the competition? Well you have come to the right place for a comprehensive marketing strategy plan that will elevate your brand and make it stand out in the market.

 7 Days Delivery       3 Revisions

What's Included

  • Action plan
  • Target audience and buyer persona
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Budget allocation
  • Channels & tools
  • SWOT analysis and strategic positioning
  • Competitors analyzed
  • Revisions - 3
  • Delivery Time - 7 2023-02-03 daily 0.8 2023-02-03 monthly 0.5